Weekend Warriors’ Show Survival Benefits

luding whether weekend warriors might be missing out on other potential health gains from exercise.Frequent exercise is generally thought to be better than fewer workouts at, for instance, preventing and controlling Type 2 diabetes, says Hannah Arem, an epidemiologist at George Washington University who wrote a commentary to accompany the new study.Weekend warriors also could be losing aerobic fitness between workouts, since endurance capacity typically declines after a four- or five-day layoff. So weekend warriors might be rebuilding and maintaining but not augmenting their baseline fitness from one week to the next.49COMMENTSAnd they are likely to face a higher risk of sports-related injuries than people who exercise more often.But even with those caveats, the good news from this study, Dr. O’Donovan says, is that whatever type of activity you can fit into your schedule appears to be better for your longevity than no activity at all.


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